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i haven't been on here since it was a different year. weird, and disappointing.

i really need something to be happy about today, so i'll just remember yesterday:

long walks in the park with lots of dogs; interesting signs about where the lake was 8000 years ago and cemetaries that are under baseball fields and the mausoleums of men who died while on vacation in cuba in 1857; wonderful passionfruit macarons and cannoli and paczki i have yet to eat; the way the decor on the inside of delightful pastries makes me feel like i'm outside; spending 10 bucks and having a great time; making spaghetti for dinner; crystal bowersox singing "give me one reason"; the big bang theory.
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things from yesterday for today:

starting this up again after months; getting things sorted out with school; having things mostly sorted for time off next saturday at work; "this must be the place (naive melody)" by the talking heads; eating pomegranates; feeling cute (mostly - and having a girlfriend to talk me through the rest); having my own unwritten poetry stuck in my head; singing too loudly while i dry the dishes; dance parties; watching antm and enjoying how awful it is; kittens!; everyone being okay, eventually, really.

21 july 09

Jul. 21st, 2009 09:20 pm
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today was a good day, though it needed a kickstart to get going.

happy things on the twenty first of july -

the treelined boulevards that really make me fall in love with chicago; a beautiful brown and white dog tied up briefly while its owner got tea at sweetcakes; that section at milwaukee and damen that's all shoe stores (before they all turn into furniture stores); maybe getting to foster a puppy (essentially for free); getting stuff done; css and how it just makes sense in my head once i look at it right, like fitting a key into a lock; being on a real schedule (at least a little bit); my friends being happy; cucumber water; pink soup; dandelion greens (even if they were too late to be properly eaten) and the way they make me feel like a mouse from redwall; cupcakes with mounds of buttercream; vegan green tea cupcakes for jessi; the way the words "vegan green tea" sound in a row; writing a bit; making jokes about "cannon" slash
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two people playing guitar and singing on their front stoop on damen; the many gorgeous yarns in the yarn store on division; the beautiful weather; going to sushi x, where they play anime on the wall and have a crab rangoon roll; children playing in the park on the way home; jimmy carter being awesome; wedding planning; terrariums

19 july 09

Jul. 20th, 2009 01:00 am
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on the 19th of july (even though it's the 20th and i'm feeling sort of unreasonably down) things that made me happy were:

going to the open mic at cafe ballou: the owner and his ridiculous jokes, the way emily curtsies after she reads and the way nate always comments on it, reading for the first time, jessi reading; san pelligrino aranciata; the smell of cilantro; a hufflepuff manifesto; writing more of a story i'd meant to get back to; my rainbow pajama pants; the windy city rollers (and perhaps getting to catch a bout?); the ministry of magic, particularly their song snape vs snape; the color of beets; merlin's "special bond" with arthur; how much this apartment talks about sex

17 july 09

Jul. 17th, 2009 10:56 pm
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sometimes, you want to call do-overs on a day. but even those days have happy moments:

pretty pictures of real brides from (1, 2, 3&4); seeing pictures from my friend [ profile] nest_freemark's recent wedding; seeing (500) days of summer with jessi and emily; jessi snuggling me while we watched it; the film itself; the song "gracie" by ben folds (hear it|read it); the song "us" by regina spektor (video|lyrics); emily half-asleep with her head on my shoulder on the way home on the bus; getting yelled at by some polish woman while we walked around the long way; puppies; jessi's chili; rpgs, even if i'm slow about playing them; ratties being cute.
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although it has passed (as have several days without remark - whoops), on the 16th of july, things that made me happy were:

turning 23 (well, that part was kind of weird actually); having lots of friends wish me happiness and give me hugs of the both real and virtual kind; a poem written for me by my roomie that made me cry and smile; chatting with my mother about randomness; tuna melts and rootbeer floats; getting the sandman:endless nights signed by dave mckean, complete with a drawing of morpheus saying "happy birthday, faye!"; the cute girl in challenger comics who chatted with us; emily and angel's banter all night; seeing harry potter and the orgy of hilarityhalf-blood prince; giggling about the inappropriateness of the entire movie on the bus ride home; finding out emilie autumn is having a tea party in the park somewhere in chicago on july 25th; making plans to maybe go to the challenger comics book club for umbrella academy discussion day; carvel cake; white roses with a bit of pink in them; having another good movie to go to on saturday [(500) days of summer]

being loved. loving you all.

13 July 09

Jul. 13th, 2009 11:55 pm
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Before it becomes Tuesday, things that made me happy today were:

This beautiful piece of thoughtfulness from a friend of mine; introducing [ profile] modernsaints to Velvet Goldmine; having a dance party to "Burning Down The House" by the Talking Heads; Henry Rollins; Pete Wentz's description of Jack White's apparel decisions not to mention the -Wentzes cosplaying the -Solos and the power of a million twitter followers; this beautifully in-scale photo of a ball-jointed-doll who happens to also be a punky apothecary's apprentice; Placebo and the fact that they're coming to Chicago; realizing that I am really shallow and partially just want to see Brian Molko's pretty face live and that's okay; realizing that I equally love pretty much everything that Placebo does; this picspam of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, which is unfairly pretty; Wizard Rock Primer part 1 and 2; the way French sounds sung; writing inspiration; plans to go to the comic book store tomorrow; sharing music with friends.

12 july 09

Jul. 12th, 2009 11:16 pm
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today, which is a sunday, things that make me happy are:

[personal profile] thingsilove, which inspired this journal; this gif of a certain guitarist nuzzling his lead singer; my friends taking time out to plan things with me; just generally feeling loved; yogurt at berry chill; free wi-fi; sean (shawn?) the sweet, spazzy barista dude at cafe ballou; this woman's amazing, yet not annoying, sense of self-beauty and -worth, which i hope to someday share with her and pass along to all my friends; the decent guys of chicago and how pissed off they are about whoever it was that gave me that black eye (even if their anger is misplaced); this pin-up/rockabilly wedding from Offbeat Bride;, watching Merlin with my girlfriend


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